Newspaper articles on Negotiations

20220521 Newspaper articles on Negotiations

Newspaper interviews and articles on negotiations by Raymond Saner Covering negotiations for peace and international relations.

Zoff mit der Freundin (Süddeutsche Zeitung, 16.2.1996)

Verhandeln die Schweizer richtig (Basler Zeitung, 10.3.1998)

Friendesförderung was tun was lassen (Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 24.8.2004)

Verhandlungen über Irak im UN Sicherheitsrat. (Die Welt am Sonntag, 3.3.2003)

Raymond Saner, “The professional culture of a Diplomat”.

What is needed is solid craftsmanship and openness to new ideas The diplomat as a mirror of contemporary history Involving non-state actors, not excluding them Diplomatic competence as an extended term Entrepreneurial diplomacy
Business diplomacy of multinational companies Negotiation and conflict skills Cognitive and emotional flexibility Playing roles and not falling out of character Adhere to the limits to one’s own mandate.

Raymond Saner, (2011), “Training Diplomats in Management, Leadership and Negotiations with Non-State Actors”

European Diplomacy: Regional Cooperation, Lifelong Learning and Diplomatic Training, Diplomatic Academy Proceedings, Vol.8, Nr1, 2011, Diplomatic Academy, Zagreb, Republic of Croatia

Foreign Service officials are sometimes sent to MBA schools or private training institutions to take management and leadership courses. As a consequence, such outsourcing might not figure on the main course listings of diplomatic academies. Still, I would claim that training in management and leadership remains the exception and that it would be beneficial

(Strategies and Importance of International Organisations) in the context of the teaching programme on “Globalisation Talks

20220521 Strategies and Importance

Raymond Saner, Titular Professor, University of Basel, WWZ, presentation on 5th November 2021 on “Strategien und Bedeutung Internationaler Organisationen” (Strategies and Importance of International Organisations) in the context of the teaching programme on “Globalisation Talks” of Professor Rold Weder, Dean, Economic Sciences Center (WWZ), Basel