What kind of sustainable education for our common future?

20220521 What kind of sustainable

Wednesday, 16th June 2016

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be implemented from 2016 to2030. SDG 4 focuses on education. What should be the policies and means to achieve SDG 4 (education)? ; Should education mostly increase a country’s productivity, economic growth, national competitiveness and make school and university leavers better fit for the labour market? Should education be considered a private or public good available free of charge or be based on fee-paying tuition? If so, what about non-market educational goals such as conveying a sense of ethics, citizenship, human rights and democratic principles? These important questions were debated by speakers with many years of professional experience in the educational field in developed and developing countries.

During this Library Talk, a new book titled "NÉOLIBÉRALISME ET ÉDUCATION" by Jean Luis Chancerel and Sacha Varin (2015) was presented as well as publications by NORRAG (Network for International Policies and Cooperation in Education and Training) and an overview of The Swiss Development Cooperation’s new strategy regarding cooperation in education for African Least Developed Countries.


Presentation: “What kind of sustainable education for our common future?”; Prof Raymond Saner, CSEND, Geneva

Presentation: “Starting point”; Prof Lichia Yiu, CSEND, Geneva

PresentationPresentation : “How to reach the SDG Education Targets”, Dr Bernard Hugonnier, Paris 

Presentation “What kind of sustainable education for our common future?”, Prof Michel Carton, Dr Joost Monks, NORRAG, Graduate Institute, University of Geneva

Presentation: “Néolibéralisme et éducation », book presentation, Dr Sacha Varin, HES, Lausanne

Presentation: “Reflections on SDG implementation as a holistic endeavor – SDC’s contribution”, Sabina Handschin, MA, SDC, Bern

Panel Discussion