Trade in education services: Market opportunities and risks

The internationalization of education services is a politically contested subject. Trade in education is debated between market liberalizers and protectionists and is played out within countries and their different stakeholders, for example between government ministries (e.g. ministry of trade versus ministry of education) and between government and the private sector (privately owned schools versus publically run schools). A balance needs to be struck between consumer protection and the rights of governments to pursue high quality education without falling into the trap of closing market access to foreign education service providers.

International governance options to strengthen WTO and UNFCCC

Negotiations at WTO and UNFCCC are both in limbo putting at risk international cooperation in key sectors of world development. International governance options are urgently needed to strengthen multilateral negotiations at the WTO and UNFCCC to avoid full deadlock and possible major trade and environmental conflicts. This policy brief written in June 2011 offers solutions which are not “WTO-UNFCCC speak” but rather based on “out of the box thinking”.

Levers to Enhance TNC Contributions to Low-Carbon Development- Drivers, Determinants and Policy Implications

This contribution focuses on the drivers, determinants and policy implications of low-carbon FDI, with particular attention to developing countries. Parts of this paper served as an input to Chapter IV of the World Investment Report 2010, which examined the issue of TNCs and Climate Change. The authors are however free to use all of the reflections presented below for their own publications.

Beyond the crisis: The future of the multilateral system

"Beyond the crisis: The future of the multilateral system" - Seminar organized by the Foundation Ramón Areces and the OECD Development Centre
Madrid, 4-5 October 2010

Training of Diplomats

Training of Diplomats: Guarantee Training Effectiveness through use of the Quality Assurance System (ISO 10015),

book chapter, in “Foreign Ministries: Managing Diplomatic Networks and Optimizing Value”, edited by K. Rana & J. Kurbalija, DiploFoundation, 2007.