International Labour Organization (ILO)

In 2002, the International Labour Organization (ILO) decided to start an initiative aimed at increasing the Decent Work content of World-Bank convened Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs). The ILO Governing Body concluded its consideration of work in this area in March 2008. This present paper reviews the ILO experience from a partnership-building and development diplomacy point of view. The paper argues that, while significant progress has been achieved, there is a need to take the process one step forward in order to trigger a significant reframing of the PRSP debate and a shifting of its boundaries. This step will involve a partial repositioning of the ILO’s partnership building within the PRSP process and an effort to move beyond the traditional tripartite constituency of the ILO and build more systematic alliances with other segments of the national civil society as well as global poverty reduction advocacy groups.

Negotiations Between State Actors And Non State Actors: Case Analyses From Different Parts Of The World

altToday's world has gone beyond state-to-state negotiations. While these traditional forms of engagement still exist, the more rapid developments have occurred at the boundary of social and political conflicts. The State's strict jurisdiction over diplomacy as a tool for conflict resolution is being increasingly challenged by economic actors and civil society actors. This new overlapping of convergent and divergent interests between these multiple actors is the focus of the book.

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Interconnections - Perspectives on international management practice

altWelcome to this edition of Interconnections. We hope our theme of international management practice provides interesting and stimulating reading and is successful in provoking thought and debate. As with the two earlier editions of Interconnections, our contributors are connecting the insights provided by academic theory into the challenges and issues facing international management practitioners, just as the experience of practitioners feeds back into academic theory.


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La Suisse est-elle soluble dans l’Europe

Crevoisier, J.; "Interview avec M. Raymond Saner - Pour réinventer la Suisse, allons à Singapour". La Suisse est-elle soluble dans l’Europe. Journal de Genève, Gazette de Lausanne. George Editeur, 1996.

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In light of the current food crisis, affected countries are implementing measures aimed at addressing the plight of the vulnerable and suffering populations. In this context, policy responses have also emanated from the relevant organisations and from the international financial institutions (IFIs) at the bilateral, regional and multilateral levels.

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